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Our team

Geoff Livingston


Jon Flahr

Creative Director

Benny Schuetze

Director / Editor

Ashley Glover

Operations Manager

Carolyn Irwin

Production Manager





Matt Hayashi


Mike Laing

Cinematographer / Editor

Leo Hynes

Cinematographer / Editor

Sarah Devlin

Administrative Production Assistant

Adam Green




Motion Graphic Designer

Brian Van Wyk




Who we are

Gone are the days where purposeless cookie cutter online content is created. Businesses need sustainability. Charitable organizations need heart. Videos need soul. We had a choice; to sit in the shadows making boring videos or step up and make something that matters.

We started this company in 2012 with one objective; to tell stories of human ambition through immersive, cinematic video – with no bullshit. We’re humble as hell, honest, hardworking, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

The Difference

There are hundreds of two-person video teams in this country. We’ve been there, and it was fun while it lasted. We’re now a family. A tight-knit, collaborative community of talented individuals we’ve hand-picked (don’t poach us, plz) ourselves. Having a team of people working with us full time means that we’re capable of planning a shoot as complex as you can imagine, with as little dysfunction as possible.  Want to drive 34 cars over the Lion’s Gate Bridge? No problem. Turn a toddler into a child gangster?  You got it.  Smash delicate objects at 1000 frames per second? Done. We’ve done some pretty complex projects over the years and know what to expect.

The idea of creating a video with 311 views on YouTube make us cringe. It defeats the purpose of your investment – your success is ultimately ours. Before the conception of the video, we need to know its exact purpose. By doing some initial research we’ll figure out who will see it, where it will live and why it’s being created through a panel of 1500 nationally (or internationally) represented consumers.