Welcome to the Team – Matt

We’ve been a little busy the past couple of months, we’ve had what feels like endless shooting weeks and a never ending post production flow. With all this work we’ve been getting we brought on some new team members. Well I guess you could say they’re not so new anymore since they’ve been here for about 5 months now. Each one of our new team members has their own set of unique skills and personality, bringing a more range to our creative mind hive. We decided to randomly pair them up to one another and have them create a concept to help introduce one another.

First on our list is our office fun guy (hue hue hue) Matt.

The first thing everyone notices right away about Matt is his height, he is 7ft1 but there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Growing up basketball was big in his family so he started playing at a young age. He got more serious about it during middle school, this led him to move to Oregon for High School and he pursed basketball at a higher level. After graduating high school he moved back to B.C to play in university and played for 3 years. During his university years his passion started to shift more towards video production. His interest in making home movies and creating videos for his class projects brought him to his love for animation and video. Self teaching himself he now has over 3 years of experience and we think Matt’s done an amazing job getting to where he’s at now.

Our guy Leo came up with Matt’s intro video concept, check it out below!

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