Christmas Season

Christmas is the season of giving, spending time with the ones you love, and drinking too much eggnog. We’re lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, have tons of Christmas markets and fun light shows to go to. We all spend Christmas a little different, each with our own Christmas traditions. So we went around the office to ask how everyone spends their Christmas and what traditions they have.

Leo: The one thing we do is have our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. 

Ashley: I celebrate my Christmas in the summer, because New Zealand is cool, beaches and barbeque ma friend. Also on boxing day we celebrate by going to a cricket match and have some drinks!

Mike: In my family my mom would take a pair of our shoes and put chocolate in them, then she would leave them at our room door for Saint Nicholas.

Matt: Every year I get a toothbrush and a chocolate orange in my stocking.

Adam: We drink mimosas on Christmas day and celebrate boxing day by going to the horse races!

Carrie: Every year on Christmas Eve my family and I all read the polar express out loud with each other. We have this bell we pass around and everytime the bell rings in the book we take turns ringing our bell. We also get to open one gift on Christmas Eve! Then on Christmas day we have grapefruit and cinnamon buns for breakfast. We looooove Christmas!! 

Sarah: A Christmas tradition my family and I do every year is we always set up the Christmas tree on December 1st,  we also always get oranges in our stockings, it’s probably why I’ve become addicted to them!

Our makeshift Christmas tree

Fraser: Every Christmas Eve day my family and I go skating with a bunch of other family friends. It’s a fun way to spend time together and have some good laughs.

Ira: It’s pretty common for Jewish people to go out and eat Chinese food, because it’s usually the only restaurant open on Christmas day. Something my mom would do while I was growing up was she would drag my brothers and me to go and watch the nutcracker. 

Jeanne: On the 6th of December my family and I have hot chocolate, oranges, and eat gingerbread shaped as Saint Nicholas. 

We hope that you all get to spend Christmas surrounded by the ones you love and make memories you can cherish for life. That is the greatest gift of life, time. Also if you get to eat more than one turkey dinner that’s the real bonus of Christmas!

From everyone here at Noravera, we wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Hand written by our own Adam

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