Intern turn newest member – Sarah

It’s nerve racking to go back into something after it’s been so long, 5 years had passed from me graduating High School and here I was standing at the front doors of Post Secondary and damn was it a wild feeling. I didn’t know what to expect going into it but I did know that I missed learning and I was ready to start this journey of achieving my career goals.

It was hit the ground running type of start, having to handle 9 classes right from the start was definitely a quick wake up call to how my next 2 years was going to go. But I think the time that I spent away from school really cleared my mind and helped my attitude to take this on. I learned so many different things from writing a script, directing a live multi cam show, casting, managing people and of course creating amazing fun projects.

First year was definitely building the knowledge and foundation of what was to be soon expected from us come second year. It was like an endless year of knowledge being put into our brian and I thought my head was going to explode.  

Second year, third semester was spent really defining our script writing talent so anyone who wanted to pitch a short film idea had a strong story to provide. Once the 4 scripts were green lit those pitchers got to go in and pick their crew, and thus Cursed Images was formed.

Some of my favourite videos we made was our promotion video for the Television and Video Production Program. Our instructors gave us this last minute assignment as a fun end of term project and we had 1 week to make it. Not only did we have this but we were already starting our pre production for our final project, our short film. So we all sat down and started to brainstorm ideas, someone suggested something like those Old Spice commercials. Instantly people were interested, the hardest part about those commercials though are the scripts, keeping them upbeat, fun and keeping the attention of the viewer. As everyone kept spitting out ideas I slowly turned around to my computer, pulled open a word document and my fingers began to move on their own…and thus the script was written.

I read it aloud to my production team and everyone gave a quick “YES” to it so we moved forward. Creating the video concept was easy now that we had the script we just had to find everything we need to match what we are talking about, and of course finding the right charismatic person to be our speaker. We wanted to keep it funny and really simple, and 48 hours later we had created one of our favourite projects! It was exciting to see what we could do in such a short amount of time and really was a confidence booster.

Well the last final project was upon us, our short film. We had 3 weeks of pre production, 2 weeks of shooting and 4 weeks of post production, 11 crew members and 7 cast members. It’s like time just flew by, I got to be assistant director, casting director and even wardrobe stylist. Having a small production team allows you to wear many different hats on a project and that to me is the best part. After all the late nights, with little to no sleep, endless amounts of coffee and all the blood, sweat and tears we finally debuted our short film Old Friends.

I cried…as soon as it started the tears came down, a mixture of heart felt emotion of the story line, finally seeing everything we worked so hard for come together and it was everything we could have wanted it to be.

Left to right: Arora (Producer), Matt (Director), and me (Assistant Director) The people I would be with the most over the next 4 months, to create Old Friends.

The past 2 years of school has been the most broke time of my life (haha how sad), but it has been nothing short of fun, hectic, crazy, and overall a wild ride. The people I’ve come to know, the knowledge I have gained and the memories that will forever stay with me is something I will hold onto forever. I don’t regret waiting so long to go back to school because throughout my whole time being away I was still interested in the same thing and spending time away made me more eager and excited to learn and take on the challenge. I would have to say it all paid off, because here I am now sitting in the office of Noravera as an official employee. I am so excited to call this place my job, to be part of such an amazing team and to continue to create amazing projects that I will be so proud to show off, I’m ready for this new journey.

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