Halloween has come and gone but we’re not letting go just yet. If you follow us along on Instagram then you would have seen some behind the scenes pictures of our horror short film “Deleted”. We filmed Deleted over the course of five days, sometimes staying as much as six hours after our eight-hour workday to turn our office into a blood-splattered murder scene, but it was worth it.

Deleted was very much a group project where everyone at Noravera not only helped with the production of the film but also acted in it (what can we say, we’re a team of many talents). 

Behind the Scenes Poster

Just before production, we heard about an international film competition called “Light This Location” created by Apurture and a few other high-end film gear companies. The requirements were simple: create a short film under five minutes that’s filmed entirely in a single location. We already had the idea – our Halloween Horror short would be perfect – and with a few tweaks, our office could serve as the single location.  Along with creating a five-minute short film, we needed to include a Behind The Scenes video, a poster, and a lighting floor plan to show how we lit everything. The extra incentive of entering it into a renown film competition really lit a creative fire in our team!

Lighting Floor Plan

Check out our BTS video above to learn more about how we created Deleted, and hear from some of the people behind it. We’re so proud to have created this as a whole team and we’ve happy to say we were announced as the official runner up in North America for the Light This Location competition! 

If you wanna see what all the hype is about, click on the video below and make sure to forward this blog to at least 10 people, or else… nah we’re kidding. But seriously check it out. 

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